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One Step Test for HbA1c


One Step Test for HbA1c is intended for the quantitative measurement of HbA1c in whole blood. This test is used as an aid for monitoring glycemic control in diabetics. In addition, it can identify people at risk of developing the disease and ongoing monitoring.


Product Features

    -Detection Range: 2.0%-14.0%
    -Sample Type & Volume: W.B, 10μL
    -Test Time: 3-5 minutes
    -Clinical Reference: 3.8%-5.8%
    -Storage Temperature: 4-30
    -Storage Life: 24 Months


Product Advantages

    High sensitivity: the lower detetction limit is less than or equal to 2%
    The correclation coefficient r≥0.990, the relative error≤20%
    Presion:CV within-run≤15%, CV between-run ≤20%;
    Accuracy: the relative deviation between the results pf quality control and target value is less than or equal to 20%


Clinical Application

       Monitor long term glycemic control
       Adjust therapy
       Assess the quality of diabetes care
       Predict the risk for the development of complications