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Canine Total IgE Test kit



The objective of the Canine Total IgE Test kit is to determine Canine IgE antibodies concentration in dogs.Antibodiesconcentration against canine Total IgE is measured by solid phase immunochromatographic assay for the rapid and semi-quantitative detection immunoglobulin E(IgE) in canine serum or plasma.Diagnosis of concentration of Canine IgE can be used as indicators and warning level. The warning level of total IgE concentration for allergic 1 type disease is generally agreed to be above 10ug/ml.



Canine Total IgE Test Kit is designed to detect the IgE antibodies in canine serum or plasma. After being absorbed into the cellulose pad, thecanine IgE move and bind with gold-colloid complex of anti-canine IgE of the conjugate pad, forming Ab-Ab complex. This complex, then, forms Ab-Ab-Ab direct sandwich binding with the antigens of anti-canine IgE in the nitrocellulose membrane. The test results can be shown through the appearance of Control and Test lines where the principles of immunochromatography are used.



1)  One-step rapid test ofcanine total IgE antibodies

2)  Rapid test results between 5 ~ 10 minutes

3)  Expensive equipment not required

4)  Easy storage and maintenance

5)  High-purity and high-quality materials of the test kit increase its sensitivity and specificity.


Materials (10 tests/kit)

1) Test ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 units

2) Diluent (buffer) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.3 x 10 units

3) Disposable dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 units

4) Loop for sample collection -------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 units



Specimen well (S : for dropping), Test line (T), and Control line (C) are marked on the device. Inside of it, the strip is composed of sample pad, conjugate pad, nitrocellulose membrane (test paper), and absorbent pad.



Detection ofcanine IgE from canine serum or plasma



1)  Specimen

Canine serum or plasma

2)  Test procedure

a)   When specimen and test kits are stored at cold circumstances (2~8 ), put them at room temperature for 15~30 minutes before use.

b)  Take out a device from a pouch and place it on a horizontal surface.

c)   Using theloopprovided, carefully immerse only the loop tip into the sample.

d)  Transfer the filled loop by immersing and twirling the loop tip in the diluent.

e)   Using the dropper provided, dispense 4 drops of the fluid into the specimen well(S).

f)   Read the test results between 5 ~ 10 minutes.

3)  Interpretation of the results

A purple band should appear on the control line regardless of the test result. The presence of another band on the test line determines the result.